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I am Rashi Jain. I am currently pursuing my PhD with a focus on designing resilient extra-terrestrial habitats in the School of Aeronautics and Astronautics at Purdue University 🎓. In the challenging and unpredictable environments of space, I am developing innovative approaches to address multiple hazards and unknown disruptions by identifying and selecting effective safety controls.

During my undergraduate studies at the University of Texas at Arlington, I gained expertise in aircraft vehicle design 🛩️. Subsequently, I pursued my master's degree at Purdue, where I specialized in autonomy and celestial body mechanics 🚀. These educational experiences have laid a strong foundation for my current research pursuits.

📚 Beyond my academic pursuits, I have a deep love for reading, which fuels my curiosity and broadens my perspectives. In my leisure time, I express my creativity through sketching, capturing the beauty of the world around me. Additionally, I enjoy exploring nature through hiking, finding solace and inspiration in its serene landscapes.

✈️ Pursuing Private Pilot's License

🛩️ My passion for aviation extends beyond the theoretical realm. Currently, I am actively working towards obtaining my private pilot's license, allowing me to experience the thrill of flight firsthand. This practical engagement further deepens my understanding of the field and enhances my ability to contribute meaningfully to the aerospace industry.

I am open to new opportunities and collaborations in the field of Aeronautics and Astronautics. Let's connect!

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